October 26, 2011

hidden treasures (in my own closet)

the other night I decided to do a major overhaul on my closet...I sorted all my clothing and made a serious donate pile with all the I-like-this-a-lot-but-never-actually-end-up-wearing-it clothing. Do you ever keep clothes that you intend to wear, really you do, but just never actually get around to it? I'm guilty...
anyways, so after I finished sorting (and organizing) my clothes...and that took a while, I decided to dig around in these two bags that I had stashed at the top of the closet, I thought all I had in them were a few winter hats and my old purses....wrong! I found some really good stuff I had completely forgotten about! It felt like my birthday or something! :)

hidden treasures that I found in my own closet....
a sweet pin that says 'I Love You' in Greek from back when my husband and I were dating,
a missoni patterned old scarf..a nice surprise--especially because this print is hot right now (Target has a whole line of cute Missoni stuff!),
the mate to a lone mitten!,
a sweet love note from the husband back in our dating days! He actually mailed it to me using snail mail!,
a pillow case I made years ago!,
and cute scarfs from Echo that were my mom's!

Do you ever find hidden treasures in your closet? :)

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