October 27, 2011

my first sweater vest

sweater vests? hm...it's one type of clothing that I've never really developed an opinion on...until I found one at Goodwill for just a couple bucks and wore it for the first time! I've decided that sweater vests are great! The sweater vest I found is a great neutral camel color and whilst standing in the check-out line at Goodwill I was already forming outfits in my head that I could pair it with!
 Do you like sweater vests?

Happy Thrifted Thursday! :)

outfit details:
sweater vest: thrifted (Goodwill)
white button-up blouse: Wal-Mart I think (it's years old..)
cropped pants, belt, and necklace: JC Penney
earrings, watch, and bracelets: gift

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