June 17, 2012

little bits of life

What I've been up to lately via Instagram
*Pretty flowers from my cousin's Wedding
*Being a bridesmaid and wearing my first ever yellow dress!
*Celebrating my husband and I's 2-year wedding anniversary
*Then it rained..but it's okay because I got to use my clear umbrella! Full outfit post here
*Peaceful rain
*Followed by a pretty rainbow!
*Enjoying vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberries
*Bright bangles from my Neon outfit post
*Five Guys!
*Circle hem shirt DIY, tutorial here
*Mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt is the best
*Finally conquering the side french braid! Worn in this outfit post

Happy Sunday! And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads! Hello Dad!, if you're reading this..I miss and love you! :)

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