October 13, 2012

little bits of life

what I've been up to lately via instagram. Wanna follow along? I'm crazyaboutcoral
*decorating my mantle for fall...I'm so excited we have a mantle!
*a beautiful double rainbow!
*at the wedding rehearsal dinner
*my beautiful friend on her wedding day!
*visiting with old friends!
*ahh, love this guy!
*my mom and I (taken when I was back in IL for a visit and a wedding)
*my mom is the best, just sayin'. ;)
*my brother came to visit us in TX for his fall break! Notice how tall he is? I'm wearing heels! ha
*yummy salt water taffy
*Oh apples are my fav!
*purple polka dot pants with pointy shoes! :)

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhhh, you are the sweetest daughter in the cosmos! Miss ya' babe!

    Your MaMaMiah


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