November 15, 2011

diy...embellished flats

These sparkly and studded flats inspired me to create my own! Recently, I found a pair of nude colored flats at Charlotte Russe on clearance for super cheap! They were rather boring and plain, but this little DIY spruced them right up! (image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Would you like to make your own? Here's how!
First, gather your supplies, all you'll need is some little craft studs, sequins, or crystals (pretty much whatever you want to embellish your flats with), a pair of plain flats, and super glue!
 Next, dab super glue onto your flats one dot at a time, and quickly place your stud, sequin, or crystal on your dot of glue. I used tweezers to pick up my crystals and place on my dot of glue. I got some super glue on my fingers throughout this process...but not to worry, fingernail polish remover took it off just fine! I made my crystals more concentrated at the toe of my flats, but pick any design you want! Let the glue dry completely then wear and enjoy! How fun!


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