April 30, 2012

trying out tribal print

Check out this awesome skirt I thrifted! I don't own very many blue pieces, so I was super excited to find this skirt at the thrift store! It fits perfect too! Yay, no altering! I love the dark shades in this skirt -blues, browns, and tans, and I think the tribal pattern is super cute! I paired it with a basic, blue blouse I've had forever, a thrifted belt, and wedges to add some height...this skirt length would look extremely awkward on me if I wasn't wearing tall shoes! I know today is not Thrifted Thursday..but I didn't post an outfit the last two Thursdays so I'm catching up? Maybe? I think I just wanted to share this outfit.. ;) I'm pretty washed out in these photos. Oops! My usual outfit photographer (my husband) has been super busy lately so I snapped these shots with my phone! Happy Monday everyone!

outfit details:
skirt & belt/thrifted, blouse & wedges/JCP, necklace/$1 Jewelry Galore--don't hate me cause I'm cheap..:)

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