July 31, 2012

a bridal shower!

This past weekend I co-hosted a bridal shower for my best friend from high school. Ashley and I have been friends pretty much since grade school, and I couldn't be happier for her and her fiancé Kyle! I can't wait for their September wedding! Their wedding colors are black/white, 'clover', and 'grape'! For the shower decor I made tissue paper pom poms (again! I also made them for my cousin's bridal shower as well), some pretty flowers out of paper coffee filters, and used the ever-popular polka dot print as an accent! I also used green votive candles which I placed on DIY candlesticks, which were simply two plastic condiment cups that I glued together and spray painted silver with a ribbon tied around the middle - Hey, I'm on a budget! :) On the tables, I also layered some pretty green tulle on top of the polka dot fabric strips and added some beaded strings left over from my own wedding decorations! Use what you have right?! :)

p.s. My dress is DIY too! First try at wearing/making the peplum trend! I like it! :)


  1. Beautiful....what more could ya' say!!
    Your MaMaMiah

  2. Oh, Anna, what beautiful pictures of the shower!! Your dress fits you to a T!! Aunt B

    1. Thank you thank you! It was GREAT seeing you this past weekend!!! :)


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