October 10, 2012

easy stenciled pillow from fabric napkins

I've been wanting to give our square living room decor pillows a facelift and found some faded, army green fabric napkins for super cheap that complimented the colors in our living room so I decided to sew them into pillow cases. I also stenciled them with the phrase 'Love Lives Here' in black fabric paint because, well I like the phrase, and it's a nice reminder for me to let my words and actions be spoken and done in love. :)

Want to learn how? :)
Gather your supplies. 2 fabric napkins, thread, sewing machine, stencils, fabric paint, and paint brush/sponge.  Stencil your desired phrase on the right side of one of the fabric napkins. Fold up the bottom edge of the fabric about 2 inches. (My pillow measured 16 inches wide by 15 inches tall and my fabric napkins were 18''x18''). 

With the stenciled napkin on the bottom, place the other napkin on top of it (right sides together), Fold up the edge of the top napkin. Stitch around the three non-folded edges of the napkins at 3/8'' seam allowance. Turn right side out. The folded edges will form an opening for you to insert the pillow! That's it! :)

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