February 22, 2013

day trip

Today my husband and I bought day passes for the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and decided to venture out with no real planned destinations. I did really want to go to the farmers market, but we decided it was too cold to walk to it from the train station (what can we say, we're wimps!) My family - they are currently snowed in back in IL right now - are probably ashamed I'm even saying that.. ;) We got off at the Deep Ellum station (just east of downtown Dallas) and stopped in for lunch at the Angry Dog. The restaurant (which we'd never heard of) did not disappoint! It was packed and my hamburger was probably the best I've ever eaten! We walked around a bit more at a few other train stations then boarded a line headed back home and that was our adventure! Next time (and in warmer weather) we're definitely going to map out our stops in advance and do more extensive touring, but it was still an enjoyable afternoon! Have a great weekend!

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