March 30, 2015

an easy tutorial for baby leggings!

I found this adorable knit fabric at Joann's and knew it would make the perfect little leggings for Jensen! The leggings have an elastic waist and little cuffs at the ankles! They were super easy to make and you can make some too!

 Click through for the instructions! Happy Sewing!
Sewing instructions: 1. With right sides together line up the sides and sew a straight seam. 2. Turn one leg so that it is right side out. Slide it inside the other leg with the seams matching. 3. Sew along the curve. 4. Form a circle with the waist band piece and the two short edges together to form a seam. Repeat with the ankle cuff pieces as well. (not shown - fold the waistband piece in half with wrong sides together and the raw edges together and pin the waistband to the pants. 5. Sew the waistband to the pants (use a zig sag stitch for stretch) but leave an opening to insert your elastic. 6. Flip waistband up and insert elastic with a safety pin. Once threaded all the way through, sew elastic ends together to form a circle. Then stitch up the opening. 7. Fold the ankle cuff pieces in the same way and pin them onto the pant legs. Sew in place with a zig zag stitch for stretch.

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