July 4, 2016

4TH OF JULY 2016

 Happy Fourth of July! Hope everyone is having a nice long weekend! Jensen and I arrived back home in Arkansas from our trip to Illinois on Saturday evening and we all were pretty exhausted from the drive. We all headed over to TC's grandfather's farm late Sunday afternoon for a little pre-fourth celebrating. After eating a yummy supper, we all headed outside at dusk to shoot off the fireworks that TC's brother brought! Jensen was a fan of the bright, pretty fireworks and the sparklers (for the most part) but she did not care much for the loud sounds!!! We headed back out the farm this morning to spend a little more time with TC's grandfather and aunt Joanna. It rained off and on all day today so we didn't spend too much time outside! I took a lot of photos of Jensen because she just looked too cute not to!ha!  Happy Birthday America! :)

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