November 10, 2011

how i wore houndstooth...

I have been wanting a houndstooth skirt for forever! I happened to find this one in a thrift store off all stores! I was super thrilled...especially since it only cost $3..and I didn't have to do any alterations on it! This is how I wore it!

outfit details: Houndstooth skirt/thrifted, sweater/Express clearance, blouse/JCPenney, bracelets/mixed (some were a gift, the blues ones are from a dollar store, ha ha), necklace/Wal-Mart, watch/gift, tights/don't remember where they're from, and shoes/Payless clearance--I wrote about them here.

Happy thrifted thursday! :) It's almost the weekend! My parents are coming down to AR to visit us tomorrow! They're staying until Monday! I'm so excited! Since the husband and I won't be able to see them for Thanksgiving, we're going to have an early Thanksgiving celebration here! I don't get too see them often, so I'm seriously stoked! :)


  1. Isn't it amazing when you find a thrifted piece that you've been wanting that you don't have to alter? So rare!

    This skirt looks stunning on you :)


  2. I know, that is a rare occurrence! and, thank you! :)

  3. This skirt is looking excellent. Very much beautiful to see. The other fashion accessories like jewelry's are also too good and fashionable. Loving this trend and accessories.

    Thank you


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