June 23, 2012

a thrifting confession & a before and after

 Confession: Sometimes, I like to buy frumpy, old, and ugly dresses from the thrift store...just for the fabric! Especially the ones in larger sizes with full skirts, and a lot of pleats (yay more fabric for the same low price!) I also enjoy that crazy look the  clerk gives me at checkout--she thinks I'm actually going to wear the dress as-is! :) Anyways, check out this gem of a dress I found the other day! The dress style, with box pleats, knife pleats, smocking at the waist, a button-up and zippered back closure, and the best part, shoulder pads, is ridiculously ugly. But, oh the fabric! It was a floral print, and in pink, yep I fell for it! Snatched it right up and placed in in my cart, I did! The fabric is 100% rayon..which I've never sewn with before, but it's a new favorite! It's really lightweight, but not sheer (so I don't have to wear a slip, or make a lining!), and it drapes really nicely! The best part is that I up-cycled a garment and didn't have to buy brand new fabric from a store! I deconstructed the dress, ironed out the fabric, and had enough for a skirt!--even reused the original dress zipper in the skirt. The pattern actually calls for an invisible zipper, but I didn't want to buy a new one. I also had enough fabric left for another project...more on that later ;) I used Simplicity's Cynthia Rowley 2512 pattern, and made version C. I love the wrap effect and the sweet little ruffle on the front left side! :) Have a great weekend!


  1. Incredible.....you need to get paid for these tips!
    Ever your . . . . MaMaMiah


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