July 2, 2012

statement necklace DIY

I've been on the lookout for a pretty blue necklace, but just hadn't really found exactly what I was looking for. Ever been there? Everything was either too heavy, too dainty, too royal blue, or too turquoise..you get the picture.. So, I just decided to make my own necklace! I found these simple and pretty glass beads in azure blue and thought up a fun design! Want to make a statement necklace too?! Here's how!

What you'll need:
beads, thin jewelry wire, jump rings, lobster clasp, crimp beads, pliers, scissors
1) cut three strands of jewelry wire. My strands were 32 inches, 39 inches, and 56 inches. String beads onto the shortest strand leaving a couple inches of bare wire on each end. 2) On second longest strand string 19 beads (if you are using smallish beads like I did). If you use larger beads you may have to adjust how many beads you use. Keep it an odd number though. 3) String the ends of the wire of your second longest strand through the 4th beads from the middle of the first strand. 4) Add more beads on the ends of the wire, and string wire through a bead on the first strand at different increments. I increased the widths as I went up the necklace, it's up to you though. Just be sure to do it the exact same amount on the other side so your necklace is symmetrical (if you want it symmetrical that is!) When you get towards the top of the necklace, string your empty wire through the first strand of beads. Now you should have two wire strands sticking out of each side of the necklace at the ends. 5) Now take your last wire strand(longest strand) and string it through the middle bead of the middle loop (that's why we wanted an odd number of beads on those loops). Add beads to each side of the wire, run the wire through the middle bead of the next loop, andcontinue up both sides of necklace. 6)When you reach the single strand of beads, run the wire from the third strand through those beads.  7)Now you should have three wire strands sticking out each necklace end. 8) On one necklace end, place a crimp bead down close next to the beads, string on a jump ring, loop the wires back through the crimp bead (making it as close to the beads as you can) then crimp in place and cut off excess wire. Add on jump rings to reach your desired length. For the other side, repeat but instead of single jump ring, string on your lobster clasp, loop back through crimp bead, pull tightly, crimp the bead then clip off excess wire! You're done! :) Enjoy your new, unique, DIY necklace!


  1. OMG, what a great idea!! I should totally try this! It looks great, pinning now!

    1. Thank you! Yes, you should try, it's so fun! So many different bead possibilities too!! :)


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