August 29, 2012

reupholstered dining room chairs!

TC and I recently moved to Dallas, TX and were given a dining table and chair set that has been in his family for many years. I kindly asked if I could re-cover the seat cushions and was answered with a resounding yes! Yay! I got to use my staple gun! - and safety goggles too, of course! (ahem, Dad, if you're reading this) I am thrilled with how the chairs turned out! (there are four, just one is pictured)
I first ripped off the old faux leather that was on the chair, and then ripped off a layer of really old, floral fabric, and then ripped off the final layer of what used to be padding (it was pretty much disintegrating). I used 1 inch thick, high density foam from Joann's and regular, 100% cotton fabric. I probably should have used upholstery fabric or outdoor fabric but TC and I could not agree on any of the patterns of the upholstery/outdoor fabric available. We finally chose this navy and white Moroccan-ish pattern. I cut my foam pieces to be slightly larger than the seat board, and then cut out my fabric pieces. (I used fabric pieces that were about three inches wider and taller than the foam pieces). I laid my fabric piece out, placed on the foam piece, and then laid on my seat board and got to work with my staple gun, pulling taughtly as I went along. I stapled all of the straight edges, and then tucked and folded the corners in and went at it with my staple gun again. I finished by spraying the seat cushions with two coats of Scotch Guard and screwing the seats back onto the chair! And that's it! :)

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  1. Anna, your finished product looks lovely!! You are such a DIY lady!!
    Auntie Beth


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