January 18, 2016

coffee cake recipe

Coffee cake! I'm not sure where it gets it's name considering there is not any actual coffee in this particular recipe..probably because it pairs so well with a steaming cup of coffee! On Saturdays or Holiday mornings when we don't have anywhere to be and can lounge around the house I love to make a big breakfast! My brother shares my love for breakfast and whenever we get together I always make my coffee cake recipe. My husband loves this recipe too and he recently said that I only make it when my brother is visiting! Oops, ha ha! So now I'm trying to be more inclusive and make it for him too! This recipe is super sweet and not at all healthy...but it's okay to splurge every once in a while right?!

Pictured is a doubled recipe - that's why I'm using a 9x13 inch pan! Enjoy!!!

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