September 27, 2011

fall...i can feel it

Don't you just love fall? I love the way the leaves turn pretty colors and the crisp feeling in the air! Since we live in AR...fall always comes a little later that I'd like it to! It's still warm here, but we had a few cooler days last week! I think my husband is ready to skip right over fall though...he's in the other room drinking hot chocolate! :)

Since it's now well into September, well actually September is almost over...(Can you believe it?!) I decided to put up some fall decor.

wreath I made with dollar tree leaves, pine-cones, etc..

I don't really like to go crazy with a lot of holiday/seasonal decor, especially because our apartment is pretty small. This year I decided to just make two flower arrangements, using faux flowers in pretty autumn colors.One sits on our kitchen table, and the other on an end table in the living room.
flowers are also a dollar store special..
I created a little tray out of a shoe box lid, (cut in half lengthwise and squished together) and filled it with old candle votives, floral moss, some gourds and leaves I had from last years' decorations, and some battery operated tea lights. Oh and I covered the lid/tray with brown fabric. I also covered the tea candles with the same fabric because the white tops stood out too much!
 I also put some more gourds, leaves, and pine-cones into little jars I had lying around the house and tied some twine around them! Simple! :)

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