April 30, 2012

trying out tribal print

Check out this awesome skirt I thrifted! I don't own very many blue pieces, so I was super excited to find this skirt at the thrift store! It fits perfect too! Yay, no altering! I love the dark shades in this skirt -blues, browns, and tans, and I think the tribal pattern is super cute! I paired it with a basic, blue blouse I've had forever, a thrifted belt, and wedges to add some height...this skirt length would look extremely awkward on me if I wasn't wearing tall shoes! I know today is not Thrifted Thursday..but I didn't post an outfit the last two Thursdays so I'm catching up? Maybe? I think I just wanted to share this outfit.. ;) I'm pretty washed out in these photos. Oops! My usual outfit photographer (my husband) has been super busy lately so I snapped these shots with my phone! Happy Monday everyone!

outfit details:
skirt & belt/thrifted, blouse & wedges/JCP, necklace/$1 Jewelry Galore--don't hate me cause I'm cheap..:)

April 29, 2012

walkin' in Memphis..

Okay, that can't not be the title when that's the topic of this post.. :) Last week, TC and I got the opportunity to go to Memphis and watch the Memphis Grizzlies - NBA team play against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a lot of fun! After the game we walked on Beale Street and ate at Dyers..an old time-y burger joint, which, by the way, also has delicious milkshakes!

April 24, 2012

a fancy garter (DIY)

I was recently asked if I could make a garter for a high school girl to wear to her prom!...it's a little tradition that is popular where I grew up in IL (did you do this too?!) The girls all get a picture with their garter showing...whoo whoo...then their date wears it on his arm the rest of the night. Kinda fun right? I remember making my own garter when I was in high school! 
Anyways, here's a fun little tutorial on how I made this pretty lavender garter! First, gather your supplies. I used 27 inches of 3/4 inch wide ribbon, two 40 inch strips of 2 inch wide tulle (the kind I bought came on a little roll), beads, thread to match your ribbon, and 1/2 inch wide elastic (I used about 17.5 inches). **This garter measures about 16 inches in circumference when it is relaxed and stretches to about 26 inches in circumference.

Layer your two tulle strips together and sew two rows of basting stitches toward the edge of one side of the tulle. My first row was 1/2 inch away from the edge and the second row was about 1/2 inch away from my first row. Draw up the threads to create gathers. You will want to keep drawing up the basting threads and spreading out the gathers until your double layered gathered tulle strip matches the length of your ribbon. Then place your ribbon directly on top of your gathered tulle piece, matching the edges together. Most of your basting stitches should be covered with the ribbon. Next, stitch straight seams 1/8th inch from the edges of the ribbon. This will attach the ribbon to the tulle and will form a 1/2 inch casing for your elastic.

Now, thread your elastic through the casing you just made and determine the appropriate length for your elastic. Create a french seam for fastening the ends of the garter together. Place WRONG sides of ribbon together and stitch a 1/8 inch seam (sew elastic with this too) then turn RIGHT sides together and stitch 1/4 of an inch. Then when you turn your garter right side out you will have a pretty little seam and those ravel-y ends will be encased in the french seam. The final step is adding your beads in any sort of pattern you wish! I did alternating high/low dangling strands with a large statement bead on the end of each strand! and that's it!

April 10, 2012

plenty of pastels

Remember last time when I posted about some pastel pretties I've been admiring? And mentioned that I just might bust out my pastel turquoise fabric and sew something with it? Well, I did! I love how this skirt turned out! I scored this 100% silk fabric for $1.50 a yard!...$1.50 a yard for SILK people!! oh the little things that make me happy! :) I paired my pastel skirt with a blush colored blouse, low-wedge yellow pumps (which are kind of grandma style but I still love them!), and a necklace in varying shades of yellow, cream, and gold! I'm linking this post up on the Everybody Everywear blog for the pastel challenge link up! Check that site out, there are some fashionable bloggers out there! :)
Image 4554

outfit details:
Skirt/handmade by me, shoes/thrifted, blouse, necklace, purse/JCP

April 9, 2012

pretty pastels

Pastels! I'm loving this spring trend! Pictured above are some of the pastel pretties that have been inspiring me lately! I think I even have some pretty pastel turquoise silk fabric in my stash that needs to be made into something pronto! :) Aren't those rose earrings darling? They are definitely my favorite out of all of these pretty products! Happy Monday!

pretty pastel images:
peach flats with floral bow via Charlotte Russe
yellow shades via Charlotte Russe

April 5, 2012

Polka Dots + Pearls!

This is the only (or one of the very few if some are hidden in the crevices of my closet..) polka dot garments that I own! I really don't know why, as polka dots are super cute! I am loving these big, black polka dots with the mauveish/peachish color of the blouse! This thrifted thursday outfit features a couple of thrifted accessories rather than thrifted clothing items. I found this unique, pearl (faux pearl) necklace and leather purse at an antique store here in town. TC and I were rushing to get these pictures taken before the sun set (I like how they turned out though!) and the security guard chased us off told us to leave because we were on private property. oops! ;)  Happy Thrifted Thursday!

outfit details: 
leather purse with chain strap/thrifted, necklace/thrifted, heels/Payless, polka dot blouse/Forever21, black cropped pants/JCP

April 3, 2012

over the weekend

This past weekend we enjoyed a visit from my parents! We had fun just spending time together! We also ventured out and tried new restaurants, three of them! Mom and I enjoyed a day shopping and window shopping in Little Rock while the boys (Dad, husband, and brother) had a grill out and 'man time' ha ha :) What a fun weekend! They left Monday morning, which always leaves me feeling a little sad. Sure wish we lived closer together! TC's parents are coming to town next weekend, so we have that to look forward to!

Cotham's Mercantile Restaurant used to be an old mercantile..as the name suggests. It's now a restaurant, but a lot of the old merchandise is still displayed in the restaurant and it's in the original, rather run-down, building. They are famous for their hubcap burger and were featured in Southern Living magazine! I enjoyed looking at the old thread and buttons!

On Saturday we walked around the campus of my alma mater, Harding University, and admired the pink, red, white, and fuchsia flower blossoms! My mom was especially excited about the flower blossoms {it's still too cool weather-wise for the majority of the flowers in IL to bloom}. We also drove to the small town of Pangburn, AR to enjoy some lunch at Southern Girls BBQ per my brother's request. He's a huge bbq ribs fan! Back in the day, I worked at a smokehouse/bbq restaurant that had awesome pulled pork...I was happy to find that this restaurant is right up there in comparison on the deliciousness scale! :)

On our shopping excursion, my mom and I lunched at this awesome restaurant called Big Orange, which was voted Arkansas' 'Best New Restaurant'.  It was hip and trendy...and had totally awesome food! We shared two delicious french fry varieties, Truffle-garlic-herb Fries and Sweet Potato Fries which are served with Mango-Curry Ketchup. The restaurant was packed, but we were still in and out of there in half an hour or so; the service was good too! Ah, it was a lovely weekend.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!
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