November 3, 2015

halloween 2015

TC requested that Jensen be Supergirl for Halloween this year! I decided to make her costume myself again this year. (She went as a plump little pumpkin last year!) I get great satisfaction out of making her costumes myself instead of buying them in the store and I'd like to make her costume each year if she'll let me! We'll see though..right now she doesn't have a say in the matter, ha ha! Anyways, I decided to keep her costume in line with what I think of as 'classic' Supergirl - blue shirt, red skirt, gold belt, and a cape that covers the shoulders (TC thought this was a very important Supergirl feature!). And of course, you can't forget the red and gold boots! I made her a simple long sleeve onesie out of blue knit and just did an easy Velcro closure at the crotch because I didn't want to mess with snaps but still wanted it to be easy to change her diaper. I wanted to make it a onesie because a shirt would have come untucked from the skirt with all the running and wiggling around that Jensen does! The red skirt and cape are also made out of knit. The gold fabric (it's really thick so it has nice structure - perfect for the waistband of the skirt and the tops of the boots) was a remnant that I got for a steal at Joann's! The boots were made out of felt and I just had her wear them over a pair of her little flats. I'm so thrilled with how it all turned out and Jensen had a blast wearing her costume. She kept saying saying "super!super!super!" and TC taught her how to run around with her arms out in front of her so it looked like she was flying! ha ha! We went out to lunch, Jensen in her costume and TC and I in our Superman T-shirts! Later that afternoon/evening we enjoyed the Halloween festivities at our church's Trunk or Treat! 

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