November 29, 2011

diy holiday topiary

I really love the look of topiaries and decided a Christmas-y one would be a fun decoration! I decided why not just make one! Want to make one too? Here's how!
Gather your supplies...
 You'll need a hot glue gun, cinnamon sticks, a small pot or bowl for your topiary base, winter foliage (mine was the inexpensive faux stuff from Wal-Mart, foam balls to glue your foliage onto--or make your own balls like I did with bubble wrap and masking tape I already had around the house! Buying three foam balls was a little too pricy for me, and they weren't available in the three different sizes that I was my answer was diy!

I found my little pot at a thrift store to use for the base of my topiary. The little pot wasn't my favorite color so I spray painted it with Krylon brand paint in 'champagne nouveau'. Form the balls for your topiary to the size you want (or use foam balls). Poke holes in the ends for the cinnamon sticks and assemble. I put some hot glue in each socket before I stuck my cinnamon stick inside to hold it better.

Glue foliage to the balls until they are covered completely. Add berries or other holiday embellishments to suit your fancy! Place in your topiary base. I tied a ribbon around my base just for fun! And that's it! An easy, peasy holiday topiary

November 24, 2011

being grateful

A few of the things I'm grateful for...
my wonderful husband
the beautiful fall colors (It's amazing to see God's handiwork!)
good coffee (what would I do without it!?)
our little apartment
clean sheets
having a job (even if I have to be there at 3am for black friday...)

These photos were taken outside our apartment by the walking trail. Pretty fall colors!! In a few minutes, we're headed to small town Lonoke, AR to spend the day at my husband's grandparents farm! I love going there because it reminds me of the rural area I grew up in! Living in town makes me miss the privacy of country life, the chirping of insects at nighttime, the songs of birds singing in the morning, and the smell of a freshly baled field of hay! I'm bringing sweet potatoes and rolls...YUM!

Outfit details: Button up blouse, necklace, jeans, earrings & boots/JCPenney, banana republic sweater/Thrifted, belt/Thrifted, watch/gift

Happy Turkey Day!!! :)

November 17, 2011

mustard and plum

mustard has got to be one of my favorite colors! I love when fall rolls around...I can pull out my mustard color cardigan sweater! of course I was just thrilled when I found this mustard color dress at a thrift store! I think it goes terrific with my plum colored tights! :)

outfit details: dress/thrifted, belt/thrifted, tights, boots, necklace, and earrings/JCPenney, bracelets/mix (some were gifts, others are from JCPenney), watch/gift
Happy Thrifted Thursday!

November 15, 2011

diy...embellished flats

These sparkly and studded flats inspired me to create my own! Recently, I found a pair of nude colored flats at Charlotte Russe on clearance for super cheap! They were rather boring and plain, but this little DIY spruced them right up! (image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Would you like to make your own? Here's how!
First, gather your supplies, all you'll need is some little craft studs, sequins, or crystals (pretty much whatever you want to embellish your flats with), a pair of plain flats, and super glue!
 Next, dab super glue onto your flats one dot at a time, and quickly place your stud, sequin, or crystal on your dot of glue. I used tweezers to pick up my crystals and place on my dot of glue. I got some super glue on my fingers throughout this process...but not to worry, fingernail polish remover took it off just fine! I made my crystals more concentrated at the toe of my flats, but pick any design you want! Let the glue dry completely then wear and enjoy! How fun!

November 14, 2011

an early weekend of thanks!

Thanksgiving came a little early in our house! My parents came to visit, and since my husband and I aren't going to be able to visit them on actual Thanksgiving day, we decided to have an early celebration here. It's never bad to be Thankful twice anyways! My younger brother lives in the same town we do because he attends college here, so he was around for the fun too! He's over here a lot anyways..our apartment is his home-away-from-home I think :) We enjoyed eating delicious crock-pot turkey, sweet potato casserole (so sweet it was more like dessert!), green beans with 'lil smokies, my mom's homemade crescent rolls, and pumpkin pie (my absolute favorite)! Other weekend fun included long walks and enjoying the pretty fall leaves on the trees, Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, trying on furry hats, eating at Shorty Smalls in Little Rock (though my husband wasn't able to come with us he recommended the mozzarella sticks...and let me tell you, they are huge! but oh so yummy), and just spending time together all weekend! It was wonderful!

what are your Thanksgiving plans?! :)

November 10, 2011

how i wore houndstooth...

I have been wanting a houndstooth skirt for forever! I happened to find this one in a thrift store off all stores! I was super thrilled...especially since it only cost $3..and I didn't have to do any alterations on it! This is how I wore it!

outfit details: Houndstooth skirt/thrifted, sweater/Express clearance, blouse/JCPenney, bracelets/mixed (some were a gift, the blues ones are from a dollar store, ha ha), necklace/Wal-Mart, watch/gift, tights/don't remember where they're from, and shoes/Payless clearance--I wrote about them here.

Happy thrifted thursday! :) It's almost the weekend! My parents are coming down to AR to visit us tomorrow! They're staying until Monday! I'm so excited! Since the husband and I won't be able to see them for Thanksgiving, we're going to have an early Thanksgiving celebration here! I don't get too see them often, so I'm seriously stoked! :)

November 9, 2011

chinchilly nails

it seems like I've been crazy busy lately! A lot of my school projects have been due these past few days, and I'm still working on others! This weekend we celebrated my husband's 24th birthday! It was pretty low-key, just how he likes it. I just bought this Essie nail polish in 'chinchilly'. This soft gray color is perfect for fall, and what a fun polish color name too! I love the way it turned out on my of course I had to post some pictures! What nail polish colors/designs are you loving this fall? I've seen some really cute/creative ones in blogland lately!
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