November 24, 2011

being grateful

A few of the things I'm grateful for...
my wonderful husband
the beautiful fall colors (It's amazing to see God's handiwork!)
good coffee (what would I do without it!?)
our little apartment
clean sheets
having a job (even if I have to be there at 3am for black friday...)

These photos were taken outside our apartment by the walking trail. Pretty fall colors!! In a few minutes, we're headed to small town Lonoke, AR to spend the day at my husband's grandparents farm! I love going there because it reminds me of the rural area I grew up in! Living in town makes me miss the privacy of country life, the chirping of insects at nighttime, the songs of birds singing in the morning, and the smell of a freshly baled field of hay! I'm bringing sweet potatoes and rolls...YUM!

Outfit details: Button up blouse, necklace, jeans, earrings & boots/JCPenney, banana republic sweater/Thrifted, belt/Thrifted, watch/gift

Happy Turkey Day!!! :)

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