February 27, 2015

we had ourselves a snow day!

Snow days in TX means everything shuts down! The store closed early, and since I was the closer I didn't have to go in to work! TC came home from work early so we've all just been hanging out at home. It's nice to have some uninterrupted family time! Jensen hasn't really experienced snow before, so we bundled her up and headed outside to snap some photos! She was ooh-ing and ahh-ing and shrieking her excitement! - though you can't really tell by some of these pictures! She is still a pretty serious baby when the camera comes out! Happy Snow Day!

February 23, 2015

pretty in pink & gold! {Jensen turns 1!}

Happy Birthday Banner from scrapbook paper, diy flower letter
happy birthday banner from scrapbook paper, diy flower letter
pink smash cake, diy birthday hat
birthday banner for smash cake on highchair
So I can't believe it has been almost a year since I've posted anything on this little blog! I thought I would share some pictures of the 1st birthday party that we threw for Jensen! It's always fun to put on my creative hat and I had so much (too much!) fun planning and DIYing some party decorations! TC and I just had a small get together at our apartment with family and friends. Jensen has brought so much joy into our lives and being her mama is the most challenging - yet rewarding experience of my life! :)
DIY/Decor details: Since Jensen is too young to tell me what kind of party theme she wants I took the liberty of choosing one of my favorite color combinations - pink and gold- and ran with that! I found adorable floral paper napkins at Party City with a teal background so I incorporated teal into the decor as well. The gold plates are also from Party City and the polka dot straws are from Target. The gold tray, aqua floral tray, chalkboard, and gold candlesticks were all thrifted finds that I've had forever that worked perfectly with the pink and gold color scheme. I made the 'JENSEN IS ONE!' and 'ONE' banner from scrapbook paper. The tissue paper fans were really simple to make - I just folded sheets of tissue paper in accordion fashion and then taped two sheets together with double stick tape to form a circle. The fabric backdrop that hung from our mantle is three pieces of lace fabric that I gathered and sewed onto a bigger gold piece of fabric. The flower J is probably my favorite! I made it knowing I would later display it on the bookshelf in her nursery. It was so easy to make too, just hot glue faux flowers onto one of those cardboard letters from the craft store! Jensen's party hat is a circle of gold scrapbook paper shaped into a cone with pom pom trim glued around the bottom and a pom-pom on top fashioned out of yarn. I cut the '1' shape on the hat out of scrapbook paper. (Ha ha, that stuff has so many uses!) 
Food details: The party was after lunch-time so I just served snack type foods. I kept with the pink theme for the food as well, of course! ;) Pink lemondade to drink, pink chocolate covered pretzels, pink chocolate covered popcorn (Oh My Goodness...so addicting! I used THIS recipe!), strawberries, and homemade vanilla cake with pink vanilla frosting and gold glitter sprinkles! Jensen even had her own little smash cake! I attempted to frost both cakes in an ombré fashion, but sadly my attempt looked nothing like the Pinterest photos I pinned for inspiration...a fancy baker I am not! 
tissue paper fans, diy flower letter, lace tiered backdrop
tissue paper fans, diy flower letter, lace tiered backdrop, birthday banner from scrapbook paper, diy cone hat
pink smash cake
pink chocolate popcorn
pink chocolate covered pretzels

 Happy 1st Birthday baby girl!
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