July 7, 2016

my sewing/crafting corner!

We're almost settled in to our new place here in Little Rock and since we have three bedrooms (for the first time ever!) TC and I have a room that is dedicated to our creative hobbies - sewing/crafting for me and Legos and photography for him! I don't have to sew on the dining room table any more!!! yippee! Most of the room is set up with camera equipment that TC has been accumulating over the past 10 years or so but I have claimed the wall that the window is on and the small corner next to it! This room will also serve as a guest bedroom when we have company - there is still plenty of floor space for our queen sized air mattress, ha! The large window gives this room great natural light - perfect for sewing *tricky to photograph though!!!  I only used things I had on hand for this room with the exception of the board, shelf brackets, and screws and I'm thrilled with how it turned out! Here are a few pictures! :) The room details are further down in the post!
I wanted some storage on the wall, but didn't want to buy a shelving unit so I used a 1x12 x 6ft common board from Home Depot cut in half (I used the other half for TC's Lego shelves) with 12 X 14 inch wall brackets. The shelf is home to my sewing basket which holds all the tools I use most often (shears, needles, chalk, bobbins, rotary cutter, seam ripper, etc), two photo storage boxes that I use for some of my Etsy shop supplies, a wooden basket tote that holds random findings (it was actually my sewing basket in college before I got my real one!), spare serger thread, my iron, pretty markers and paper scissors, buttons, and ribbon (just some of my ribbon, ha) ! I displayed my fabric on Jensen's extra crib rail since it's since been converted into a day bed. My bulkier and random cuts of fabric, interfacing, batting, and sewing patterns are in a plastic tub in the closet. My ironing board is not pictured (because it's super gross!) just stays propped up against the wall when I'm not using it! My sewing table was actually a Goodwill find years ago! It was an ugly wood veneer (here's a before picture!) and the kind that you can drop a machine down into so I covered the hole, reinforced it really well, spackled over the seams, painted it a pretty color and put on some new knobs! We've moved about 4 times since I first fixed it up so it's not as pretty as it once was! The curtains are actually tablecloths that I purchased on clearance at JC Penney back in 2012! I drew the scissor, thread, and pincushion sketches myself and found the quotes on the internet and printed them in a floral text. They are hard to read in the photos so this is what they say "Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel - unknown author", "The only place where housework comes before needle work is in the dictionary - Mary Kurtz", and "a creative mess is better than tidy idleness".  I may frame them at some point, but right now they're just taped up there with leftover Washi tape at the corners. My thread is currently stored in a hanging jewelry organizer that was a gift from TC's grandmother several years ago. My dress form was also a gift and I always love displaying something I've made on it - and just because it looks better with clothes!! I also have one that you can adjust the measurements but I haven't yet put it back together after our move.  A pink plastic basket from Hobby Lobby holds my sewing/DIY related books- some of them are even textbooks from college! My small collection of wrapping paper/prop paper is hanging on the small wall behind the door to the room. I had this lightweight curtain rod on hand and some leftover drapery hooks so I decided to put them to use! It is SO much better than having the wrapping paper rolls crammed in the closet where they always tip over and get crumpled! ha ha!  It's so nice to have a space to sew and create and if we're really being honest here, to leave my mess and be able to shut the door so Jensen can't get to everything! ha! :)

July 4, 2016

4TH OF JULY 2016

 Happy Fourth of July! Hope everyone is having a nice long weekend! Jensen and I arrived back home in Arkansas from our trip to Illinois on Saturday evening and we all were pretty exhausted from the drive. We all headed over to TC's grandfather's farm late Sunday afternoon for a little pre-fourth celebrating. After eating a yummy supper, we all headed outside at dusk to shoot off the fireworks that TC's brother brought! Jensen was a fan of the bright, pretty fireworks and the sparklers (for the most part) but she did not care much for the loud sounds!!! We headed back out the farm this morning to spend a little more time with TC's grandfather and aunt Joanna. It rained off and on all day today so we didn't spend too much time outside! I took a lot of photos of Jensen because she just looked too cute not to!ha!  Happy Birthday America! :)

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