February 23, 2012

plaid is fab

hello friends! Happy thrifted Thursday! I know I've been slacking on the diy/craftyness/sewing front, sorry about that! BUT, here's an outfit for ya! :) I just love this dark gray and hot pink plaid skirt (thrifted, possibly vintage!- the size number is significantly larger than my modern ready-to-wear skirt size.) I paired it with a semi-sheer, gray lace-y blouse, silky gray striped tights, and a black belt and shoes! I did have to hem the skirt...it previously hit me at a really awkward length below my knee...not a good look for my short, 5'2" body! Needless to say, I'm super pleased with it now...and it even has pockets! An added bonus for sure!

outfit details: skirt/thrifted, blouse, necklace, tights, shoes, purse/JCP, sunglasses/Charming Charlie's

February 16, 2012

snow and a fur-collared-sweater!

It snowed! In Arkansas! I generally don't like cold weather, but I think snow is so pretty, and I've especially missed seeing it since moving from IL to Arkansas. It's hilarious seeing people's reactions to the snow down here...and it doesn't take much for 'snow days' to be declared. Though the snow didn't stick around very long at all, I still enjoyed it's brief appearance! :)

outfit details: 
sweater/thrifted, ruffle blouse/thrifted, wide-leg denim trousers/thrifted, necklace, belt, boots/JCPenney 

Happy Thrifted Thursday!

February 12, 2012

a "love"-ly manicure!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I did a simple, romantic, DIY manicure! 
2 coats of Pure Ice polish in 'Flirt Alert'
heart outline and X's with Love my Nails in 'French Pink' - To draw my heart outline and the X's and O's I used kabob skewers dipped in a polish puddle on a paper plate.
center of heart and O's with OPI in 'Cajun Shrimp'
clear top coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails X-treme Wear in 'Invisible'
I'm super pleased with how they turned out! :)

Happy [early] Valentine's Day!

February 3, 2012

altering a thrift store sweater! {before and after}

I gave this thrifted sweater new life by making it v-neck as well as shortening and slimming down the sleeves! I like the dolman sleeve effect! I love this camel color as well as the stripes! Ah...love me some stripes! I shortened the sleeves like I did in this tutorial and sewed simple seams down the sleeves of the sweater to slim them up. All I did for the v-neck was trace my V- shape with fabric chalk, sew a straight line on my chalk line (to keep it from stretching or unraveling), then cut out the excess neck fabric (that mock turtle neck part) about 1/4 inch away from my stitch line. Then I just folded under once and sewed it down with a straight stitch.. I even did it in black thread..probably not the best color choice because the line is visible..but it kind of recedes down into the knit so I don't think it's that noticeable! This was my simple rainy evening project and now I've got a new-to-me-sweater! So go on, find a thrift store sweater, and make it awesome!! :)

February 2, 2012

bright colors in the winter? oh yes!

I was inspired by Kayla from 'Freckles in April' in her 'winter brights' post! So, thought I'd incorporate this theme into my Thrifted Thursday post! Right before I saw her post I bought this bright purple-ish fuschia skirt and knew it'd be perfect! I paired it with a lemon lime green blouse...too much like Barney? I sure hope not!!! I love you...you love me... :)

Happy Thrifted Thursday!
outfit details:
Coat and bag/ THRIFTED! lace blazer, skirt, blouse, necklace, earrings, tights, and shoes..whew!/ JC Penney (can you tell I work there...it's where 72ish% of my wardrobe is from! You can't beat clearance items + coupons + employee discount!!!)
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