December 21, 2012

diy hand printed scarf {tutorial}

Here's a fun DIY for you today! I made this horse print scarf for my mom for Christmas...don't worry, we celebrated Christmas early with my folks so I'm not ruining the surprise! :) Want to make one too? Here's what you'll need:

supplies: foam stickers to act as stamps, fabric paint (I used Tulip soft, matte, flat fabric paint in 'Ebony'), 1 yard of 40 inch thin/sheer fabric, sewing machine & scissors, sponge brush, and scrap newspaper or cardboard to protect your counter top/floor/table as you are painting.
Directions: fold fabric in half, lengthwise (selvages together) snip at the halfway point and tear into two strips. Make a snip in the fabric close to the selvages and tear them off. Fray the fabric ends by pulling out some lengthwise running threads. Fray one of the short sides on each of the strips. The sides you don't fray are going to be sewn together. 
Sew together the short sides so you'll have one big long strip. Place wrong sides together and stitch with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and trim close to the seam. Turn right sides together and stitch again with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. This encloses the original seam and makes and nice French seam. 
Stick 3 or 4 of your foam stickers together and use it as a stamp! I found that it worked best to sponge paint onto my stamp with a sponge brush and then stamp my fabric rather than pressing the stamp directly into the paint then onto the fabric. Be sure to layer cardboard or old newspaper under your fabric to protect the surface you are working on. Allow to dry according to your fabric paint manufacturers directions and follow the care instructions for washing. The fabric paint I used said it was machine washable, but I would recommend hand washing instead. I stamped my fabric in an irregular pattern and not every stamp turned out perfect, but that's what adds character! Have fun! :)

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  1. And, I love the scarf!!! Thank you, best daughter in the cosmos!



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