July 9, 2013

Oh Baby!

I'm actually 18 weeks along currently, this is the only picture we've taken so far! Gotta get on that! :)
Hey all! It's been quite sometime since I last posted! I hadn't been feeling up to posting on a regular basis and was doing A LOT of sleeping because...TC and I are expecting our first baby! We are super excited for this next chapter in our lives! Now that we've got a baby on the way I have been itching to start sewing baby things! My first project was to make a diaper bag! I looked in stores and online, but just couldn't find one that I liked! I had a specific vision in my head of what I wanted it to look like, so I decided to just make one! After purchasing all the fabric, interfacing (lots of interfacing), D-rings, swivel hooks, and bar slides it ended up being about the same price as purchasing a diaper bag, but this way I get a lot more satisfaction from having a homemade item! I made it in neutral colors because at the time we didn't know what gender the baby was going to be. We just found out the gender at my last dr. app...but it's still kinda a secret (don't worry, we'll do a reveal soon so you won't die of suspense!) :) Anyway, without further delay here are a few iphone pictures of the diaper bag!

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  1. Oh Anna, you are so creative! Can't wait to see other baby items!


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