April 9, 2018

Easter Weekend 2018

We had wonderful, warm weather on Saturday then it got cool and cloudy on Easter Sunday - not as much fun to hunt eggs in the cold but at least it wasn't snowing like at my parent's house in Illinois! Jensen enjoyed three different egg hunts this year - and is everyone else stepping on like a thousand plastic eggs strung out throughout the house now? Ha ha. I made her dress this year and I know I say it every time - but this one REALLY is my favorite! I made myself a coordinating skirt so we could be matchy matchy -because I love it so! We enjoyed a visit from TC's parents as well and went out to his grandfather's farm on Saturday. Of course the weekend wasn't complete without dyeing Easter eggs! After church on Sunday we enjoyed a big Easter lunch and indulged in some sweet Easter themed treats that I enjoyed making. Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

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