January 27, 2012

a simple blouse makeover

Making alterations on thrift store purchases is one of my favorite things to do, but when it comes to purchasing ready-to-wear garments I like them to fit...and fit well! What I don't like to do is spend a bunch of money on something that I'm just going to have alter! However, I made an exception when it came to this cream blouse! It was on clearance for super cheap, and I loved everything about it (the color, the bow, the sheer-y fabric)...except for the awful band of shirring at the hem! Ah! It. looked. awful! Especially from the side...what is with that weird droopy section?! So, I figured the band would be easy enough to chop off and sew a narrow hem in its place...and I can't believe how much better it makes the blouse look! Especially with this camel colored belt! Happiness!

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