March 30, 2012

sea-foam striped nails (diy)

I wanted to do a fun manicure with my new sea-foam colored nail polish! I decided to pair this turquoise-ish color with bright white for a fresh look for spring! This manicure was fairly easy, although a bit more time consuming than just painting your nails because you have to make sure each coat is dry. Here's how I did my manicure!
Prep nails by removing any polish. Even if they are free of polish, wipe them down with polish remover real quick, this will help your polish adhere to your nails better! Paint 2 coats of your base color. I used Wet n Wild's Wild Shine in 'French White' and let dry completely. Then section off your nails using tape (I used masking tape), covering where you want your white, or base color, to show. Then paint your accent color right over top of the white where the tape isn't covering your nail. I did two coats of this pretty seafoam green color, it's by OPI and the actual name is 'Mermaid's Tears'. Once polish is dry, remove tape. You should be left with a clean and precise line! Finish nails with a clear top coat and that's it! :) 

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