May 10, 2012

altering some aqua pants

Hey all! Happy thrifted Thursday! Instead of an outfit post, I'm going to share how I quickly turned some thrifted straight leg pants into skinny (though a bit more slim-leg than skinny  because that's my personal preference) jeans! It was super easy and you can do it too! Here's how!

Get a pair of skinny jeans you already own that you like the fit of and place them on top of your straight leg jeans after turning them inside out. This is so you can mark where you are going to take the legs in. Pin your skinny jeans onto your straight jeans, and mark along the outline of your skinny jeans (see above photo). Remove your skinny jeans and sew straight seams along the dots or dashes that you marked onto your straight leg jeans. Trim seam allowances down to about 1/2 inch. You can serge if you want to, but I just cut mine with my pinking shears because I don't have a serger and they turned out fine. That's it! Ah, I love super easy I have another pair of colored jeans to add to my collection! :)

outfit details--just in case you're curious :)
aqua colored jeans/thrifted- Express brand, blouse/JCP, mint tank worn under blouse/Charlotte Russe, wedges & belt/JCP

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