May 12, 2012

customizing canvas shoes {tutorial}

I just customized a pair of plain white canvas shoes (like the $5 Wal-Mart variety!), and now they're so fun! The lightweight canvas makes them the perfect summer shoe. I painted a striped pattern in a light neutral beige color and used floral ribbon for  pretty shoe laces. This shoe DIY was really easy and you can do it too! Here's what I did!

1. Supplies needed: canvas shoes, ribbon, crimp beads, masking or painters tape, soft fabric paint. (I used Tulip brand in the matte finish and the color is called 'Linen'.  2-4. Tape off where you do NOT want your paint to go. I cut the masking tape in half because I wanted thinner stripes. I taped mine off by section, horizontal stripes on the front and back sections, and vertical stripes in the middle section. I taped around the rubber sole and the trim around the ankle of the shoe because I wanted those to stay white. Repeat same steps on the other shoe.  5. Pour paint in a small plastic cup or on a paper plate.  6. Start painting your shoe, working in sections. Repeat on other shoe.  8. While shoes are drying make your pretty shoe laces! Cut 2 strips of ribbon the same length as the shoelaces that came with your shoes. Cut ends diagonally.  9. Run a lighter over the ends of your ribbon to melt the fibers to keep it from fraying. *Note: this will only work on ribbons made of synthetic fibers.
10. Slide one crimp bead onto your ribbon.  11. Slide another crimp bead on to your ribbon, getting it as close to the first bead as possible.  12-13. Using pliers, smash your crimp beads flat.  14-15. Trim excess ribbon.. 16. Run a lighter over the ends once more to melt those stray frays.  17. Repeat steps for all ends of your ribbon shoe laces.  18. Remove tape! I removed my tape before my paint was completely dry...I was too impatient! :) This actually worked out well though because it allowed me to wipe off a bit of excess paint that ended up on the rubber sole. After paint is completely dry (should take about 4 hours) lace up your newly decorated shoes and admire!


  1. WOW!!! You are so amazing! I love the way you "striped" the canvas shoes...what a way to bring boring white tennies to life! Don't go trotting through a hog lot with these on! LOL!
    MaMaMiah M.


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