October 16, 2016

Introducing...the Morton Salt Girl!

Halloween is almost here! I've started a tradition of making Jensen's Halloween costume each year (her first Halloween as a pumpkin, and last year as Supergirl) This year is definitely my favorite - she is going as the Morton Salt Girl! I finished her costume a few days ago and we thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and take some photos of her in it since we're going to be pretty busy later this month. She had so much fun twirling around in the full circle skirt and carrying her little white umbrella! I used a Simplicity 1547 Project Runway pattern pieces for the sleeves, bodice, and collar but then adjusted the sleeve length, embellished with adorable trim at both the waist and sleeve and collar edges. I also added a full circle skirt instead of doing the gathered rectangular one that the pattern called for. After pairing her dress with white tights, yellow shoes, and an oatmeal container I converted to look like a Morton Salt container her costume was complete! We (well all the really good photos were taken by TC) took these photos at The Old Mill in North Little Rock! We're so excited for actual Halloween now! Jensen keeps wanting to put back on her dress and shoes! ha!

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  1. What an amazing idea!! I am always looking for unique halloween costumes as well as outfit of choice/fun fashion ideas for pageants. And for costume ideas to make for my customers. I love to specialize in holiday related items, for easter I made tie dye rompers and 2pc sets with crop or fringed tops paired with matching distressed leggings with customers choice of added fabric behind the distressing or not. Each outfit came with a detachable bunny tail on the bottom (various color choices including tie dye tails were my fav) & I included free set of bunny ears (choice of colors also). I had so many orders i had to pay a friend to help me get done in time, my site is not even launched yet mind u these were solely sales made on FB BST sites. I had so much fun finding new ways to make each set unique to the individual that while Ive been working on building and perfecting my site while still selling in between, I have seriously thought about specializing in holiday themed outfits/costumes such as this. One of the key factors in running a successful online small shop is finding ur niche & making ur shop different than the other millions out there. So, i think i want that for my niche not only bc I love to make costumes bc u can be as unique & creative as u want but bc costumes r not solely for use on Halloween as I mentioned above! I would love ur opion on this idea & subject matter or any advice u would like to offer me! Also, I am in love with your vintage baby bonnets wish mine was smaller! But I think we may have to go as the Mortons Salt Girl for Halloween this year too. We dont do scary 1st year I made her a peacock costume 2nd yr (this past Oct) i made her pebbles flinstone with the bone for her hair and all so year 3 i think we may try this!! Thanks so much for sharing and I am truly enjoying ur blog


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